Applied Gaming

Participants in the gaming process operate in a virtual surrounding, which simulates future scenarios. The game reflects prevailing operational procedures designed to confront critical strategic or tactic dilemmas.
The participating players represent competitors, suppliers, rivals, experts, government authorities, media outfits, etc. 
The unique interactive nature of the Labs’ gaming process creates a dynamic learning experience that, by itself, improves working, operational procedures and consequently, helps the client to optimize stated goals and objectives.

Business Game

Our Business simulation games are games focus on the management of economic processes. We perform pure business simulations without a construction elements. 

The interest in these games lies in accurate simulation of real-world events, as well as the close tying of players' actions to expected or plausible consequences and outcomes.


A state of mind that repress the possibility of a catastrophe, disaster or emergency will occur at inopportune is well known to all - History has shown that ignoring and repressing the need for early preperation, does not preclude course of the coming crisis.

Crisis situations, emergency and disaster are defined as such, because of lack of awareness, readiness and ability to cope with the emerging harsh reality and its consequenses. As a senior manager you must understand that the way to improve the durability of organization during emergencies, begins with identifing the weaknesses that exist in the face of possible situations. We will help you figure out from self experience, what are the weaknesses of the organization. We will help you understand and diagnose the organizational aspects that allow the continuity of operations of the organization in emergencies and disaster recovery capability folowing the crisis.

Ingenio Applied Learning

"Ingenio Applied Learning" promotes significant learning using the methodology of learning through the gaming experience. "Ingenio" incorporates diverse learning environments, making the learning more relevant and meaningful which also developing leadership and management skills of the students. For further information

Geopolitical Game

Our Simulation Unit  has conducted several mega-simulations with top policy makers, experienced diplomats, representatives of the top echelon of the military and defense establishment, experts from academic, as actual participants in these simulations.