Selected Projects

Examining Procedures and Developing Protocol for Managing Major National Crises

Our experts developed a model for the management of national crises resulting from damage to critical infrastructure, such as a hit to the national energy grid or the shutting-down of Wall Street due to informational system collapse. The experimentation process that lasted three months and yielded more seamless operations and communications as the various procedural levels were integrated into a unified whole. Valuable insights were gained during the preparatory stage of the game as officials from different ministerial departments were given a chance to interact and discuss existing pitfalls as well as potential dilemmas

Examining the Management Concept in Major Aviation Terror Attacks

To address terror attacks in the field of aviation, our experts developed an action concept to regulate responses, which brought with it new insights of potential threats and significantly improved the skill level of those in decision-making positions; consequently, a basis for the update of existing regulations is provided therein.

Developing and Implementing Plans of Action for the Evacuation of Civilian Population

Working with emergency first responders (police, paramedics, etc.), our experts evaluated the action plan for evacuating and treating civilian populations at every procedural level. By managing virtual reality technology, decision makers at all levels were asked to address complex dilemmas as their intra-system communications and interactions were examined. The real-life simulation testing resulted in better, preparedness and significantly improved an intra-system cooperation between all participants.
The more accurate prediction competence regarding environmental constraints at the senior decision-making level, a more accurate prediction facility regarding environmental constraints allowed them to better prepare and respond appropriately.

Ingenio Applied Learning

OursIngenio promotes significant learning using the methodology of learning the through gaming experience. Ingenio incorporates diverse learning environments, making the learning more relevant and meaningful which also developing leadership and personal skills of the students. ML Center has identified and designed holistic concept of updated and applied learning which is based on four elements:

  1. Pedagogical process of knowledge acquirement

  2. Skills development

  3. Assimilation of values

  4. Simulation Game (to apply the knowledge and skills)