About Us

Applied Simulation Laboratory were formed in 2007 by Mr. Yoram Cohan, IDF Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.).

In his last position Mr. Cohan was the head of the unit in charge for strategic gaming for the highest command generals.

Retiring from the IDF Yoram had the vision to apply the "War Games" within the business sector and so he did. With our "Applied Simulation" we give services to governments and organizations in Israel and across the world to improve the organizational strength to meet future challenges.

In 2012 Yoram has decided to begin teaching young pupils- 7th -  8th grades, in a special program called "Nahashon". 

Moving into teaching Yoram had the vision to apply our the "Applied Simulation" with a different methodology to the education system and again we did so. We have identified and designed holistic concept of updated and applied learning.

Yoram Cohan, M.B.A
Founder and C.E.O

Mr. Yoram Cohan is the founder of the Applied Simulation Laboratory. During Mr. Cohan’s 25 years of service with the Information Technology Division of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), Lieutenant Colonel Yoram Cohan expanded his grasp and knowledge of the newly emerging field of war simulation games.
During his military service, Mr. Cohan headed the IT Security Division of the IDF and was the Commander in Chief of the Computer System School of the IDF. He planned war games and future warfare concepts and was responsible for the IDF Central Command’s design of its simulation system.
In addition to the organization and management of the Strategic Gaming Labs, Mr. Cohan is focusing primarily on the transformation of his military gaming experience into a worldwide content free practical system. As an educator for leadership and excellence in the last years, he developed a new pedagogical process which includes simulation games for students.
Mr. Cohan’s formal education includes an M.B.A. in Business Administration from the Ben-Gurion University in Beer Sheba, a B.A. in Social Science from the Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan and a Senior Teacher from the Bet-Berl Academic College.

Itay Levin B.Sc , B.A
Chief Operating Officer 

Mr. Itay Levin is a world renowned expert in the area of Gaming Simulation with an extensive experience in Gaming Inquiry, Applied Gaming and War Gaming.

Having consulted and trained governments, organizations and companies, Itay has acquired a versatile set of skills and experience. His expertise enables him to provide practical solutions that bring about notable improvements in strategies and tactics.

Itay Levin's experience is based on his past military service, working experience managing international systems spread over a wide geographical area and working at the Strategic Gaming  Labs.

Itay is a planner who combines interdisciplinary knowledge, hands-on know-how, modern theories and cutting-edge industry practices. 
Since 2007 Itay mastered the disciplines of Strategic Gaming, Gaming Simulations, Gaming Inquiry and Applied Gaming at the Applied Simulation Laboratory. Itay plays the role of game-creator, game-administrator and game principle.

Since 2012 Itay partner to form Ingenio Applied Learning in Israel. The center is leading innovative pedagogical learning methods using unique simulations games.

Itay Levin is a graduate of the Israeli Security Agency advanced course.  During the last five years, Itay completed the International Air Travel Association highest security management courses and was certified as a leading Instructor for the International organization.

Itay holds a bachelor’s degree in life sciences from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel and a bachelor’s degree in security management from the University of Maryland.

Dr. Haim Assa Ph.D
Principal Theorist

As a mathematician and Military Systems Analyst for the past 25 years, Mr. Haim Assa was Strategic Adviser to the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs and the National Security Adviser to the Israeli Prime Minister Itzhak Rabin. Mr. Assa began his career in the Israeli Air Force in Operational Research branch.
Mr. Assa’s formal education includes a M.Sc. in Operations Research from the Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa-Technion, and a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In 1993 he was granted an award from the Israeli Ministry of Defense for “Creative Thinking”. 
During his 30 years for technological leadership, he led development for many projects, he initiated and innovated many new concepts – strategic and technological – and from 1992 he is leading a big research team.
Mr. Assa is a seasoned novelist and has published five books (Hebrew). He has Philosophy Ph.D in Haifa University in relation to a new political philosophy concept.

Ariel Peleg Brigadier General (Res.) M.A
Applied Gaming Expert

Mr. Ariel Peleg completed his military service with the rank of Brigadier General. Mr. Peleg Graduated Israel National Defense College, He holds a master's degree (MA) in policy of National Security and Public Management. Mr. Peleg experience was gained during 28 years of service in the Israeli defense forces, where he held various senior command positions in the Armored Corps, General Staff of the IDF and the Defense Ministry.

Mr. Ariel Peleg has knowledge and experience in management processes, complex organization leadership, decision-making in complex organizational systems and multiple large risks. This experience includes developing wide system knowledge by exercises and simulations, as well as promoting and enhancing organizational methods of risk analysis and the development of organizational controls.

During his military service, Mr. Peleg fulfilled duties as a Commander of combatting field units in the armored corps. Ariel also served in several senior positions. Following the combatting positions Ariel was assigned as the Head of Standards and Organization of the Planning Department of the General Staff, which was after the field of organizational design and Resource Allocation. Mr. Peleg was the Director of Strategic Exercises for the army chief of staff, which specialized in the design, management, and debriefing of exercises and simulations. In his last position Ariel was the Head of internal audit system of the Ministry of Defense, which led projects reviewed to improve organizational approach to risk analysis and development organizational controls based on internal audit processes.