Developing Knowledge and Skills Through Experience



We develop individuals and organizations to unleash their full potential.

We support natural self learning process by experiencing, to develop skills, knowledge and values.

Our Game-based learning is fun, interesting experimental learning experiences.



Applied Simulation Laboratory projects are at various different fields:

Organizational Development

Inquiry, Development  & Design of Strategies

Organizational Resiliency

Leadership & Management Development 

Human Resource Development.


Applied Simulation Laboratory works with all three sectors that make up the Israeli economy: the private business sector, the government sector, and the public sector.

We are also well established with the academic sector in Israel.

Our clients abroad includes governments and public sector organizations.


Our Vision

Applied Simulation Laboratory aim to design, develop and source game-based learning tools to complement organization's strategy needs and to promote the human capital skills and knowledge.

Our Belief

We believe that game-based learning offers a contemporary approach to improve organizations and individuals capabilities to better enable the organization and individual potential.


Our Goal

Our goal is to assist organizations and individuals exploring management and leadership challenges including the learning and application of new skills and capabilities.


Our Principles


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